Memory cards are fickle technology. They can be working fine one minute and lose your files the next.

It doesn’t take much for a problem to start. A camera might save a photo unexpectedly, you might bump it in its reader, or a software problem could make the files inaccessible.

Instead of getting frustrated (and rightly so!), you need the best SD card recovery on Mac systems to help you out.

Top Memory Card Recovery Tools for Mac

If you have a memory card that needs file recovery assistance, these tools provide consistently excellent results. You’ll have your data back with only a few mouse clicks once you finish the downloading process.

1. Best Choice: Disk Drill SD Card Recovery for Mac

Price: $89 – Find It Here (

Disk Drill for Mac

Disk Drill for Mac makes it easy to recover files from your memory card. As long as your computer recognizes it, you can get to work!

The software lets you search for specific files, speeding up the recovery process tremendously. You’re not stuck on a deep scan that takes hours to find one particular data point with its design.

Each file gets organized by its content, making the found options even more comfortable to review. Users can take advantage of the preview pane to determine what items need to get restored.

It’s available for Mac OS X 10.11.6 or later.

Reasons to Get Disk Drill for MacReasons to Avoid Disk Drill for Mac
  • It provides over 400 file types to restore from your memory cards.
  • The tool can find corrupted files without requiring an expensive upgrade.
  • Restoration options are sometimes available for damaged data.
  • It uses universal search techniques for HFS+, NTFS, and FAT. 
  • Mac users don’t get the same preview option as those on Windows.
  • You need some familiarity with computer navigation to have a successful experience.
  • It would be useful to have a staffed Help Desk to contact by phone.

2. Mac Data Recovery Guru

Price: Free – Find It Here (

Mac Data Recovery Guru

When you have this memory card recovery tool available, you can quickly find deleted files from most memory cards and flash drives.

It provides an option to search embedded files, letting you perform an exhaustive search of your preferred file types. You’ll have APFS, NTFS, FAT, and HFS support with all of its variations.

You’ll also get UFS and XFS support with this download.

The overall UI is favorable, with most commands available at the bottom of the screen. It is a little easy to click on some of them while navigating accidentally, so you’ll need to be specific with what you want to accomplish.

If you recover an entire folder and search using the Spotlight in Finder, the process will get easier.

It works on most Mac systems, although support for the latest macOS is not currently available.

Reasons to Get Mac Data Recovery GuruReasons to Avoid Mac Data Recovery Guru
  • The product is free to use.
  • It provides support for all primary file types kept on memory cards.
  • The tool keeps track of your files found and the bad sectors located.
  • You must register your software to enable the recovery feature. 

3. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Price: Free – Find It Here (

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

If you only need essential file recovery services, consider this free download. It manages memory card restoration efficiently, especially for lost documents.

You’ll have access to progress status information, deep scan functionalities, and technical support. It supports all HFS, FAT, and NTFS.

Although the navigational interface is a little clunky to use, the tool gets the job done. It’s about as close to point-and-click that you’ll get without spending money on a more supported product.

You’ll need Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or higher to use this software. It doesn’t support the latest macOS update or AFPS.

Reasons to Get LazesoftReasons to Avoid Lazesoft
  • Users have access to unlimited data recovery.
  • A dynamic file preview pane is part of the experience.
  • File searching functionalities make it relatively easy to use.
  • It may not work on all Mac systems, especially those that are recently updated.
  • Technical knowledge is necessary for corrupted memory card restoration.

4. Do Your Data

Price: $89 – Find It Here (

Do Your Data

This memory card recovery tool works with all standard formats. It also covers restoration options like virus attacks and operating system crashes that aren’t always available with other systems.

Once you launch the software, you can scan your memory card by selecting it from the tree-like navigational design. 

You can choose to select all file types or select individual ones, although a file name search isn’t available.

The wizard is easy to use, especially with its save feature. It’s also ready for Mac OS X 10.7 up to macOS Big Sur.

Reasons to Get Do Your DataReasons to Avoid Do Your Data
  • It offers data recovery support for FAT 12/16/32, NTFS, APFS, HFS(+), and exFAT.
  • The wizard makes it easy to search for files.
  • More recoverable options are available. 
  • The cost is above average for the industry.
  • It may not catch all files without an advanced recovery scan, which can take some time. 

5. Softtote Data Recovery for Mac

Price: Free – Find It Here (

Softtote Data Recovery for Mac

This product offers an all-in-one recovery tool for your memory card files. It can find data from erased items, corrupted information, and other advanced problems. 

It’s one of the most effortless downloads to use today. Even the enhanced scanning methods it offers are only a couple of clicks away for each user. You can recover lost partitions, photos, or files with its three-tier system.

You can also perform raw file searching with this download. It is compatible with Mac systems from OS X 10.6 to High Sierra 10.13.

Reasons to Get SofttoteReasons to Avoid Softtote
  • You can recover deleted pictures from the internal memory cards of your DSLR.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface.
  • The per-sector scanning approach finds more files than some competitive products. 
  • There is no support for macOS Catalina.
  • You don’t have data recovery options for APFS. 

6. Data Rescue 6 for Mac

Price: $399.96 – Find It Here (

Data Rescue 6 for Mac

With unlimited drive recovery and system activations, this memory card restoration product works well if you have multiple needs to fulfill.

Because of its price, consider running a full scan through the trial version to see if it meets your needs. 

You’ll receive improved operating system cross-compatibility, faster scan times, and better recovery speeds than the legacy versions of Data Rescue. 

It also works with virtually all types of memory cards, Thunderbolt Drives, and FireWire Drives.

You’ll need to boot with at least macOS 10.12 or later. It also requires an Internet connection and a secondary storage device to function.

Reasons to Get Data Rescue 6Reasons to Avoid Data Rescue 6
  • A new dark mode makes it easier to navigate through the product’s screens.
  • The same download works for Mac or Windows.
  • You can view RAW files and drive data. 
  • It is the most expensive personal tool in the marketplace today.
  • The product is designed more for commercial needs than home use. 

7. Ontrack EasyRecovery for Mac

Price: $99 – Find It Here (

Ontrack EasyRecovery for Mac

This software solution lets you recover deleted files from various Mac machines that saved data to memory cards. It supports APFS data recovery, along with a few other formats. 

If you have a memory card formatted to FAT12, it will not work to restore your files.

Once you have it loaded, you’ll use this tool to create encrypted disk recovery, access to past data from partition issues, and previews of the recoverable files.

The advanced scanning techniques make it an automatic, straightforward experience for the average user.

It’s compatible with most Macs, including support for macOS Catalina.

Reasons to Get Ontrack Reasons to Avoid Ontrack
  • It offers a free trial that can let you see if the product meets your needs.
  • Users can access most file types associated with photos, videos, music, and documents.
  • It has broad Mac compatibility. 
  • You must enter personal information to access the free trial.
  • The deep scan takes a long time to complete & offers below-average results. 

What Could Your Memory Card Be Hiding?

Should you need more help researching your memory card recovery on Mac issues, these additional resources could be beneficial.

Here’s the Bottom Line

If you know that files are missing on your memory card, these downloads can resolve your problem quickly and affordably. 

Even if you must perform a deep scan to locate the missing data, most users can resolve their problems with virtually all file types during a typical afternoon.

Your memory card doesn’t need to get written off as a lost cause. When you use one of these tools at home, you’ll have the necessary resources to recover your precious data!